Facilities and buildings in Singapore face an increasing list of green building requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians are regularly updated and re-trained to be proficient in helping our clients meet these green requirements.

Controlled Environment Facilities

With a leadership team that has domain experience in delivering controlled environment facilities, our Acro Harvest team is well-able to support the maintenance and management of such complex built spaces to give our clients confidence and peace of mind.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Our history includes more than 15 years of experience in installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning systems for a host of prestigious commercial properties including some under the United Engineers portfolio. Proper planning, choice of quality materials and meticulous attention to detail help ensure that a building’s air conditioning system is not only reliable over the years but will also prove to be more cost-effective in usage and maintenance.


Connectivity, data-enhanced automation and greater “greening” of operations are the emerging trends for HVAC systems. Greater real-time monitoring and automated response control of humidity, air flows and temperatures help reduce power costs significantly.

We’ll help you meet these standards and apply the appropriate technologies available to meet your targets.

Response Teams

We have service response teams on call. Equipped with an array of equipment and parts, our on-site expertise has been a highlight of our services and is a primary reason why our clients offer us long-standing maintenance contracts.

Timely responses coupled with experienced, sound advice reduces costs and downtime significantly. Win-win for all.